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Baalei Hamelaha studio is a Screen printing workshop and study center of traditional printing techniques.

The studio was established in 2010 and resides on 15 Nizaza St, Tel Aviv.


As a manual screen printing workshop, one of its kind in Israel, the studio offers screen printing services on a variety of materials and for various purposes. Printing of textile products, Printing of textile products on a non-ferrous surface, Quality printing on paper and paper products, Printing of artwork, Printing and printing products on a wide variety of materials for the community of designers and creators.


The printing work is done manually while maintaining meticulous quality control, working with precise colors and fine ingredients, in order to create meticulous, uncompromising print jobs.


The studio deals with the preservation, cultivation, and development of traditional manual printing techniques and strives to bring the general public and the audience of artists and designers to the art of print. Since its establishment, the studio has served as a cultural center and an attraction for the public from all over the country. The studio offers a wide range of courses and workshops, seminars, tours and lectures that are open to an amateur audience without the knowledge and experience of a professional audience.


The workshop's open spaces are open to independent artists with experience in screen printing for independent work based on the rental of a stand, equipment and materials from the file stage to meticulous manual printing. The studio has two spacious and pleasant workshop spaces equipped with all the equipment and equipment required for the manual printing processes in particular.


The studio has a collection of screen prints of Israeli art - original prints of contemporary artists hosted by the studio: Aviel Cnaani, Danny Karavan, Sigalit Landau, David Tartakover, David Adika, Uri Gershuni, Maya Etton, Rami Maimon , Yoav Efrati, Gabriela Klein, Guy Avital, Elad Larom, Jennifer Absira, Shahar Yahalom and others.


The studio has the ability to move to external events, where a network printing station is established for bags, shirts and paper products Or as an active artist workshop that combines an audience of all ages.

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what is screen printing

What is Screen printing?

Screen printing is one of the oldest manual printing techniques in the world, enabling printing and copying accurately on a wide variety of surfaces. This is a 2,000-year-old technique that has undergone many transformations throughout history and remains relevant to this day in industry, art, and design. A dense mesh of polyester (formerly silk threads - hence the popular name of the technique, "silk pattern") is stretched on an aluminum frame with which the image is printed on the surface. The magic of the manual printing is alive and kicking!

Studio Crew

Here at the studio, we live, smell and create in screen printing and therefore we are the largest and professional studio for screen printing producing and for manual printing techniques. The screen printing school offers courses for printing and textile design and courses for printing wood paper and materials. T