FineArt paper printing

 We print in a manual silkscreen printing in a format of up to 50 * 100 cm. Strict network printing on FineArt papers ranges in different finishes and textures. Woodless or 100% cotton-free papers with archival resistance.
The printing colors are based on acrylic bases in different finishes that ensure color stability over the years. The color selection is custom made for the Panton color fan.


Possible print plans:

Personal printing - Working closely with the artist from preparing the files to printing, separating layers, tests, and final printing.
Print without a meeting - we help to fix files in a basic way and in the most flattering manner of the image as we see fit.

Direct Printing - Net Network Printing. Suitable for simple design/illustration/ artwork that has been separated by color if necessary and the print forms are ready according to our guidelines file. 


Direct print packages   

Print one-quarter of a sheet in one color

10 copies Only 400 NIS
30 copies Only 900 NIS
50 copies Only 1250 NIS


Print a quarter-sheet in two colors

10 copies Only 800 NIS
30 copies Only 1800 NIS
50 copies Only 2500 NIS


* Fine Printing Paper  in broken white color,

  paper dimensions 35 * 50 cm

* Print area up to 30 * 40 cm
* Does not include special/metallic colors
* Direct print route only

* Excluding VAT


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