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הסדנא מתקיימת מידי שבוע בהנחייה אישית וללא תלות בקבוצה
ימי שני 10:00-15:00 או רביעי 10:00-15:00
*אחת לחודש גם ביום שישי - פרטים בוואטאפ*

Instructors | Jacob Ben Cohen/Adrian Berkowitz / Hagai Farago

450 ₪
Friend Brings A friend - 850₪ for a couple

* Includes materials other than print surfaces

Ceramic  Screenprinting workshop

A five-hour meeting


The workshop opens to the creators the world of manual Screenprinting and the encounter with the world of clay and ceramics. The transition between 2D and 3D. In the workshop, we will go through the entire process from the coating and preparing the screen and printing. We will focus on screenprinting on silk papers, with which we will transfer the printing to the material body, three-dimensional or flat.


During the workshop we will learn the basics of screenprinting, introduce and mix the ceramic colors, and each participant will prepare a series of prints. Guidelines for preparing the images will be given to participants before the workshop.


The workshop touches upon the practical aspect of the ceramic print and is intended for experienced ceramic artists and provides practical tools for independent work of each artist in his own studio.


The workshop is open to a professional and amateur ceramic audience with access to the ceramic studio


- Up to 7 participants in the group

- Can be purchased as a gift voucher

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