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 ScreenPrinting Marathon Workshop

A five-hour meeting


A unique screenprinting workshop!

The whole process from A-Z. There is no need for previous knowledge or experience. A special daily workshop that is open to artists without experience or for those who need to refresh!


Five hours, during which you will learn step by step to print your images from the stage of preparing the image to hand pulling the squeegee. During the workshop, we will learn about the history of screenprinting. We will see examples of a variety of different manual techniques that can be implemented by you at home.


The participants will experience the preparations of Photo emulsion screen, coating the screen with the emulsion and exposing it to light using our projector. Learn about the different types of colors and wipers and print a small edition of the image you bring.


Upon completion of the marathon, the participants will be able to independently create silk prints in the studio based on the rental of a working station.

The workshop includes a quarter-sheet size printing screen for each participant, print colors and all the equipment needed for the process.


The workshop is open to both professional and amateur audiences, and no previous knowledge or experience is required.


- Up to 6 participants in a group

- Can be purchased as a gift voucher

* Starting at the age of 13

הסדנה מתקיימת מידי שבוע
ההרשמה אישית וללא תלות בקבוצה

שני או חמישי 12:00-15:00 

*אחת לחודש גם ביום שישי - פרטים בוואטאפ*

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