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סדנאות מתקיימות באופן שוטף ובכל שבועצרו איתנו קשר ונתאם מועד מושלם לסדנא

Instructors | Adrian Berkowitz / Maya Isak / Moshe Roas

A parent and two children

A parent and three children

Parent and child

280 ₪

380 ₪

490 ₪

* Includes materials other than printing surfaces

להרשמה טלפונית 03-5370773
Network Printing Workshop  
Parent and child/family   

A two-hour meeting


A one-day, two-hour workshop during which the parents and children work together in manual Screenprinting on cloth and paper products: printing shirts, bags, recycling old clothing items.


The workshop provides a quality time frame for the parent with the child and an added value learning experience. At the end of the workshop, the children renew themselves with new items that they have printed themselves and have an unforgettable experience.


Ages 5-11 With full guidance from the workshop staff

A personal or group workshop can be arranged in the morning/evening hours


- Up to 10 participants in the group

- Can be purchased as a gift voucher

- All materials and tools can be purchased in the studio

פוטר קבוצתיות

"A challenging and enjoyable creative experience! The children enjoyed creating and designing themselves, and they had a fascinating experience "

"We really enjoyed it. The instruction and character of the work matched the abilities of the children, resulting in successful results, satisfaction and enjoyment. Thank you"

"There was a great atmosphere, the workshop was very enjoyable, leaving a taste of more. Time passed quickly and it was fun to come back with great products home. "

"Once in a while, I and my daughter have a fun day, and we have not had a good time in a while. The creativity, the color, the explanation, the place (and the dog) all contributed to the good feeling we came back home with. "

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