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הסדנא מתקיימת מידי שבוע בהנחייה אישית וללא תלות בקבוצה
ימים שני-חמישי 10:00-12:00 או 15:00-17:00
*אחת לחודש גם ביום שישי - פרטים בוואטאפ*

Instructors Adrian |  Berkowitz / Maya Isak / Moshe Roas

240 ₪

* Includes materials other than print surfaces

להרשמה טלפונית 03-5370773

Basic screenprinting workshop   

A three-hour meeting


A one-day Screenprinting workshop focusing on the manual methods of screenprinting without the use of photographic emulsion. We will introduce two main methods for manual printing, different types of colors and tools, and of course, we will print! On textile products, paper, wood, and materials. The workshop provides practical tools that can be easily applied later from home. The workshop is intended for the public without prior experience or knowledge and opens a window to the world of manual web printing.


- Up to 10 participants in the group

- Can be purchased as a gift voucher

* Starting at the age of 13

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