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   Textile Printing Course

7 sessions of four hours

A comprehensive and knowledgeable course in textile printing and design. The course offers access to the textile world at the raw material stage and combines extensive knowledge, which is the result of many years of experience. A golden opportunity to study in a professional workshop, equipped to the last detail in manual screen printing.


The course focuses on the study and experience of various printing techniques and work processes on surfaces of different materials, with an emphasis on textile printing for fashion, industrial design, interior design, trends, working with a color palette, repeat designs.

In each session, we learn and practice different techniques for printing and designing the textiles, the design decisions and the desires of each student.


The topics we will discuss during the course:

• Basic designs for screen printing/silk printing

  on surfaces

• Repetition of units - a re-print unit for

  printing a pattern

• Familiarity with a variety of concepts, tools,

  materials, chemicals, paints and various fabrics

• Fabric dyeing using the Shibori technique

• Traditional stamps Printing

• Photographic Screenprinting - emulsion screen

• Geometric stencil pattern

• Foil printing, and special colors

• Photoshop tools workshop for editing and preparing

  designs for screen printing


The complete course for textile printing in the studio workshop is designed for inexperienced artists with great love for the material and creates a quality time frame and incubator for the creativity of each student.


A small and intimate study group in a studio atmosphere, Each student is personally guided

There is no need for previous experience or professional background.

"Since the course, network printing has become the main tool I use. Every two months I rent a working day and print hard, forgetting to eat, drink or refresh my Facebook feed. "

"Hamelaha studio and especially Moshe's guidance were essential in establishing my brand and gave me the inspiration, professional tools and space I needed to get started."

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