Instructors: Adrian Berkowitz / Jacob Ben Cohen / Moshe Roas

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 ערכת דפוס רשת ביתית מתנה 
 בהרשמה למועדי ינואר-פברואר 

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להרשמה טלפונית 03-5370773

 screenprinting Express Course    

5 sessions of five hours


A practical and highly informative course in screenprinting on paper and materials. The course focuses in the world of the traditional hand-made screenprinting on a variety of materials and methods and opens a golden opportunity to study in a professional workshop, equipped up to the last detail in screenprinting.


The course focuses on the study and practice of silk screen printing techniques and paves the way for each student. The design decisions and desires of each student are expressed in many possibilities, almost unlimited in the choice of colors, printed designs, a variety of materials, techniques and various effects in screenprinting on a variety of materials.


Topics we will discuss during the course:

• Introduction and familiarity with the world

  of manual printing

• Screenprinting with manually cut stencils

• Experimental Screenprinting and print effects

• Photograms in screenprinting

• Review and experience the whole process of
  preparing the photographic screen

• Print in several color layers

• Understanding the different color types and pigments

• Printing techniques on textiles and fabrics

• Printing techniques on paper, wood, and materials

• Fabric dyeing - Shibori (optional)

• Textile stamp printing (optional)


The Express course of screenprinting in the Studio workshop brings together tremendous knowledge in the technique of experience and practical work in the field for years. The course is also designed for inexperienced designers. It has a great love for the material and creates a quality time frame and incubator for the creativity of each student.


A small and intimate study group in a studio atmosphere, Each student is personally guided

There is no need for previous experience or professional background.

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