Instructors | Adrian Berkowitz / Maya Isak / Moshe Roas

350 ₪

* Includes materials other than print surfaces

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Monoprint screenprinting Workshop

A three-hour meeting


The screenprinting technique started in 1000 AD in China and has been used throughout history for printing on a variety of materials: textiles, paper, wood and more. A special squeegee compresses color through the mesh on the desired surface. Andy Warhol is commonly credited with reviving the technique, mainly in the field of paper printing in the 1960s.


A Monotype is a unique single print. Unlike the world of print, which produces many copies of the same work, Monotype cannot be reconstructed accurately and therefore each print is a solitary work with its own life.


During the workshop, we will get to know the world of the classic manual screenprinting, without using the computer and without the use of photographic emulsion. Using different manual methods and different types of print colors, we will use the print screen as another medium in the toolbox.


The workshop is ideal for artists, painters, illustrators, sculptors and an amateur audience who appreciate manual work and are interested in learning another medium in which they can develop their personal work.

"This short and enjoyable workshop opened up to me as a painter and creates new and exciting possibilities that I have been looking for for a long time I'm so glad I found you. "

"Nice, comfortable and inviting, I'd be happy to do more workshops with you."

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