Flexible dates and hours

Sunday to Friday, Morning/Evening session

שלישי בוקר | 10:00-13:00
שלישי ערב | 18:00-21:00

Moderators | Jacob Ben Cohen, Adrian Berkowitz, Hagai Farago

Meetings 1-4
 960 ₪

* Course cost includes VAT and materials other than fabrics and print papers that can be purchased at a discount in the studio

* The package of sessions can be redeemed within a term

of up to six months from the date of purchase

* At each stage, the meeting package can be extended

plus the cost differences

* Up to 4 credit-card-free payments

Screen printing Beginners Course

8,4 or 12 four-hour sessions

The beautiful thing about screen printing is that everyone can!
A comprehensive and knowledgeable course in screen printing for inexperienced beginner creators.

The course dives into the world of traditional manual screen printing on a variety of materials and different methods and opens up a golden opportunity to study in a professional and well-equipped workshop up to the last detail in manual screen printing.

The course focuses on learning and practicing in screen printing and paves the way for each student's design decisions and desires. Reflecting on many, almost unlimited choices, from choosing the colors,
the printed designs, a variety of materials, techniques, and effects in screen printing on a variety of materials: textiles, paper, products Cloth and wood.

Options of course length:

Four sessions | Meetings 1-4
Eight sessions | Meetings 1-8
Twelve Meetings | Meetings 1-12

Lesson 1: Introduction, Exploring the World of Traditional Manual screen Printing. Getting Started with Making Stencils and Printing Experiments

Lesson 2: Print stencils by hand cutting
Disassembling portrait to stencil layers and printing with open screen
Lesson 3: Experimental screen printing, Photograms, Photographic screen printing
Photoshop tutorial for making screen printing files
Lesson 4: Two-layer printing: Combining line, spot and bitmap images 
Lesson 5-6: Print in four layers / Disassembling CMYK photos
Lesson 7-8: Five-layer printing: Combining printing techniques learned during the sessions into one print consisting of several Layers. 

Lesson 9-11: Print Without using a computer
Print in four layers of color.
A combination of various elements that we will create manually using black drawing and drawing tools, black printed components and paper cuts.  All combined manually to create a rich print without using a computer.

Lesson 12: Open Studio - Personal Project
A small intimate study group in a studio atmosphere, each student personally guided. No prior experience or professional background is required.

"The working space is organized with all the materials I need for the printing process, everything is friendly and user-friendly, the learning process is calm and clear with excellent teachers."

"When I come to the studio, I drive 3 hours in any direction and arrive in time at full Power, so I think it means it all, doesn't it? "