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Instructors | Jacob Ben Cohen/Adrian Berkowitz / Hagai Fargo

450 ₪
Friend Brings A friend - 850₪ for a couple

* Includes materials other than print surfaces

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CMYK Screenprinting Workshop

A five-hour meeting


A unique silk printing workshop!


CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black These four layers of color will create rich color prints with a touch of color and unique print quality.


Each participant will print a limited edition of five copies of a photograph of his choice. The studio's design team will accompany you through this workshop throughout the process.


We will study the preparation of the image for printing, the principles of this printing method, separating the layers and creating the rich color of the print image. Together we will screen each participant's personal photo emulsion screen, recognize the color types in this unique print, and print a limited edition of five copies. The image can also be printed on a cotton shirt/bag.


Upon completion of the workshop, the participants will be able to independently create silk prints in the studio on a rental basis. The workshop includes a quarter-sheet size printing screen for each participant, print colors and all the equipment needed for the process.


The workshop is open to both professional and amateur audiences, and no previous knowledge or experience is required.


- Up to 6 participants in the group

- Can be purchased as a gift voucher

* Starting at the age of 13

"I very much enjoyed it, I discovered new editing options for my photographs, and in general a new world :) I hope to come back soon with new images and maybe sometime I will take the full course. Thanks.."

"There was a great atmosphere, the workshop was very enjoyable and left the taste of more.
Time passed quickly and it was fun to come back with successful products home .. "