Flexible dates and hours

Sunday to Friday, Morning/Evening session

Moderator | Jacob Ben Cohen

3350 ₪

15% discount for the studio's
comprehensive course graduates
2790 ₪

* Subject to early registration up to two weeks

from the date of opening
* Includes materials other than print surfaces

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Advanced Screenprinting Course   

A highly skilled artist studio course in manual screenprinting on materials.

The course allows personal creation In personal guidance and intended for creators, who have previous experience in screenprinting, and want to enter a routine of creativity and continuous work in this fascinating and rich medium.


The design and artistic decisions of each one will be reflected in the practical projects of creating complete print jobs at all stages. Working closely with the team of supervisors, we will plan together all the components of the work, the process of preparation - from the design stage, the preparation and projection of the screens, the mixing of colors and the meticulous and professional manual printing on a variety of materials: paper, wood, canvas,


The personal guidance allows each student to create according to his or her own desire and ability and enjoy working in an intimate group in a print workshop equipped with all the necessary equipment.


Topics we will discuss during the course:

• Introduction to printmaking and familiarity with contemporary art with an

 emphasis on screenprinting

• Screenprinting with manually cut stencils

• Full manual work and support of graphics software

• Mixing colors according to panton fan  

  introduction and learning of Pigments and various colors

• The process of preparing the photographic screen at all stages

• Printing in several different color layers and sizes

• Print editions, numbering, emphases, and professional ethics

  In the print medium

• Monoprint and monotype prints

• Photoshop tools for editing and preparing designs for screen printing,

  Manual/software layer separation


This course combines a great knowledge of the technique based on experience and practical work in the field for years.


The course is designed for artists who have previous experience in the technique, with great love for the material and create a quality time frame and incubator for the creativity of each student.